Model Code: Sphere

1. Material: Ceramic Sphere Al2O3 (purity >99%)
             Glass Sphere  PYREX

2. Size: Dimension from 1mm to 101mm

         Tolerance is ±0.0001mm for Ceramic Sphere and ±0.0003mm for Glass Sphere

         We can customize per the cutomers requrests

3. Color: White for ceramic sphere 
          Transparent for glass sphere

4. MPQ(pcs): 2000pcs

5. Further Inforamtion:

   Extreme high temperature stability under reducing, inert and high vacuum condition under high temperature up to 1800C. 

   Extreme wear and abrasion resistance. 

   Chemical corrosion resistance under high temperature. 

   High dielectric properties. 

   Gas tight for many applications to provide protective atmospheres or high vacuum at high temperature to eliminate contamination or impurity.

6. Application: Microscopic plastic bearings, sprayers, perfume bottles, bottle caps, foam grab, cosmetic accessories, office                   supplies, etc.